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What is a Caricature Pro?

An online portrait/caricature service. You send us a photo, we draw you. It's pretty simple, and very fun.

How long does this all take?

The caricatures are delivered within 48 hours of receipt of your picture/s by the artist, sometimes sooner.

How it Works?

You order a caricature, send your photos and we draw you. It's really simple.

IMPORTANT – Revisions

Our artists work very hard to take your photos and turn that into true caricature art using their expertise. When you order a caricature, you can expect the same quality level and caricature resemblance shown on our portfolio.

So, only small changes are allowed at no charge ( like color changes ). In this case, the revison will be done the first* time at no charge (subsequent changes are $10 ). These can take 1-2 business days to complete.

No major revisions are allowed to this caricature service - so be absolutely sure you know what you want BEFORE we go to work on it.

What Can I Do With It?

Create Avatars and Virtual Characters for Blogs, Websites, eBay Auctions, MySpace, Facebook...

The following are just some of the things you can use CaricatureIcon for:

- Use it as avatar for your Blog or Website.
- Use it as Buddy Icon in your Aim.
- Use in your Business Card.
- Use it in your Logo.
- Use it as virtual auctioneers for your eBay auctions
- Use it as avatar for your profiles on social networking and dating sites
- And much, much more!

Caricature the perfect gift idea for many occasions including:

- Retirement gift
- Birthday gift or invitation
- Engagement/wedding date claimer
- Wedding gift / bride and groom / bridesmaids / groomsmen
- Anniversary gift
- Team victories
- Special occasions
- Thank-you gifts
- Graduation gift

What do I get?

Take a look at all of the formats that you will get ...

- EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)

- JPG 300 (High Definition JPG - 8x12 inches )

- PSD 300 (High Definition Adobe Photoshop - 8x12 inches)

- PNG (512X512 pixels)


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